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Amplus is a construction company from Goiânia, which conquered its space on the market by proposing a different approach in face of the saturated market of the civil construction field. Performing in all national territory, we build our legacy by supporting technological innovations, corporative governance, valorization of our personnel, and sustainability as paramount for guiding our work.

Besides attending basic premises such as quality and responsibility towards deadlines, Amplus’ work goes way beyond civil construction work. From conception to delivery of the project, we count on the best professionals in order to make the project smarter and as efficient as possible. Between all of that, we also provide a fully personalized service according to the needs of each client.

As our mission, we must surpass expectations. With the innovative solutions by Amplus, you are able to follow closely every step of your project and make its execution cost effective, within the deadline and with the best quality as possible.


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Our differentials

We utilize the intelligence of a qualified teamwork, thoroughly selected, in all phases of the project: conception, development of projects, execution and operation. Thirsty with innovating in all processes, we optimize our clients’ resources by delivering quality, with excellent and refined finish, within the deadline and with a price that fits the client’s budget. A personalized service in all stages, delivering care, transparency, tranquility, facilities and an experience that contradicts the usual belief of constructions being a handful.


Our management model and building control is a facilitator for our clients’ financing their projects and making their funding, either if they are private individuals or private entities. That provides them access to below the market interest rates, increasing return on investment.


Transparency, watched closely.


Follow your building anywhere. The live monitoring system is already a reality in our work. our clients have direct access to a number of cameras that allow them to visualize its execution at any given moment.


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Benefits for

Our Costumer Care Team delivers periodic reports on the main indicators to be followed, referring to ideal deadlines, costs and quality of execution. These reports can also be personalized if the client wishes for more or less information. We believe good management and transparency are the key to a long lasting partnership.

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Quality and Credibility

Quality and Credibility

With 5 years on the market and over 30 years of family history in the civil construction and Real Estate business, our work has been constantly recognized by our clients, as well as highlighted by media vehicles.

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Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology

Constantly improving our processes, services and materials through technology is what moves us to continue building the future. At Amplus we perform a disruptive work, which reformulates the usual processes used in civil construction and amplifies the possibilities of our services. We provide personalized services to clients, cost reduction, more security, productivity and management in excellency for each project.




Amplus is committed with developing sustainable projects, always focusing on the economic, social and environmental levels. We make a smart use of available resources, bringing in financial benefits to our clients, social benefits to the local population, and comfort for final users of the buildings by preserving the environment. This way, we build a better world.