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Do you plan on investing in real estate market? Invest with us!

Real estate market goes way beyond buying real estate in the plant or finalized from a big company. At Amplus, we develop projects thinking about the best profitability to the investor according to the amount available for investment.

Beyond potentializing profits, we deliver known and attractive advantages from the traditional real estate market: security and valorization of assets, low risks, tangible assets and monthly profitability from renting or capital earnings from asset selling. Even investors that prefer to invest in assets of bigger risks, like in the stock market, usually have part of their portfolio invested in real estate market, through benefits mentioned in the category.


Amplus offers consulting services for investors interested in real estate market. Look at the simulator below how an investment with us can improve your profits:

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Investing money in construction is a process that needs to be well evaluated in order to avoid risks that can undermine the project. We do a solid, transparent and well structured work even before closing a contract. We believe that by managing excellence in every process of each project, we are able to deliver better quality products at the right time and at a fair price.

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