Transparency and Excellence

At Amplus we praise excellency, since the conception of the project until the operation of the building. We count on a quality management system, and on a department of planning and building control, which allows us to fulfill all deadlines, delivering a final product with quality, excellent finish and competitive price.

Excellence, from the design of the project to the operation of the building.

Build with us!

During the execution stage, through our management and building control system, we are constantly in touch with the client, who is always aware of every step of the project and safe of the final delivery being according to promised, always with maximum transparency. We provide periodic reports on indicators referring to the execution of services and even live transmission of the building site. This way, the client can follow properly every step of the evolution of their project.

What do we build?

With 5 years of market and over 30 years of family history in the construction market, our work has been constantly recognized by our customers and featured in media vehicles.

Commercial buildings
Industrial Sheds
Hotels and turistic ventures
High Standard Houses
Hospitals and Clinics
Residential buildings

How do we do it?

At Amplus we work with turnkey model and administration, assisting companies and private individuals. Our service goes way beyond civil construction, we provide consulting on the conception of projects by studying its financial and economic viability, project management, besides a follow-up of execution and operation never seen in the market.

Understand the possible contracts:

Turnkey model

When you hire the execution of a project for a total enclosed price.


When you hire the execution of the project for a percentage on the final cost of the construction.

Stages of a project

Beyond Building Execution

  1. Project Conception It happens when the client has only an idea of what they want and doesn’t know how to initiate it and get it off the paper. We develop a job with the client, building the basic architectonic project, which allows us to make a financial analysis.
  2. Financial Economic Studies Every client wants to know, as soon as possible, what is the type of investment necessary to execute their project, be it for personal usage or further investment. At Amplus we manage all cost related studies and its financial and economic viabilities. Therefore, the client can make more informed decisions before spending large amounts of money.
  3. Fundraising In case of real estate investment projects, we can be investors or bring third parties in, display to them how the business is going to work and bring about profits. We can also assist in building all the societal structure of the business.
  4. Project management Amplus uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to, in addition to creating 3D project mockups automatically from the parameterization, to manage in a more intelligent and precise way the resources needed for the work. In this stage, through BIM, we make a unified management of the fundamental projects of the work, such as architecture, electrical installation, hydraulic installation, foundation, structural design, among others, made by an excellent team of professional partners. This step is crucial to ensuring that the lead time is met and that the end product is the best it can be. Using BIM, we carry out the planning and control of project development, continuously tracking the cost of each decision. We move on to the next step when we get a compatibilized project template.
  5. Governance We aim for transparency and we are systematic with control. Therefore, in all our works everything is procedurally controlled so we can render account to our clients. We sent out daily, weekly and monthly reports, transmit live from our building sites and have a direct channel of communication always open. All of this will provide confidence in our work and you will be updated on how your buldings are going and which step they’re on, without having to be physically present.